New Balayage Hair Ideas Trends for 2018

balayage hair ideas in brown to caramel shades, basically any brown shade of haircolor if you don’t know what is Balayage Hair Ideas. So I don’t have too fun colors like silver, purple, or rose but there’s shades like honey, black, auburn, and even hair that look almost blonde but still in the color family. If you want more blonde looks this article has awesome ombre hairstyles. Even if you’re staying in the corto family, you have a lot of options and your hair could end up being another shade like morenas, especially when you do it at home, and like it better than you expected!

People get caramel balayage on dark to light brown hair so you can find the shade that would work on your base color. I even saw someone’s grey hair go cenizo! Just depending on how chocolate your hair becomes and the technique you use, your lob or cut could end up really. You might learn its better with bangs, short, curly, or straight and it’s all part of the fun with a before and after. If you want to look at other options before the copper commitment, check out the new hair trends for 2018.

Balayage Hair Ideas Trends

Balayage Hair Ideas Trends

I love this before and after step by step tutorial because it really detailed in simple pictures. Her brown balayage hair looks gorgeous curly and actually has chocolate shades on the inside and comes from cenizo. Her honey is light enough to add a cool color like pink whenever she wants.

This ash color could be considered brown or blonde. The technique is almost an ombre effect, at least when in the braid because the braid from a brown to a caramel balayage. This color is possible for dark, straight Asian hair unlike a grey or silver.

How she did her technique looks a lot like ombre. The curly style hides any different lines but her colors go well together. It goes from a dark brown to chocolate to copper and ends at miel. You can stop wherever you want, especially on short hair with less space to change.

A beautiful corto balayage on this long, light brown hair. I love how she kept it straight but put it in a cute hair style to still show off the color. This is a great choice if your natural hair color is similar to what she has. During times you can be less strict you could still color it purple since its light!

Here is a good before and after so you know that the journey to balayage isn’t always direct. You might have to do ombre first or your first bleach on a separate occasion and then go in again to get your lightest desired shade. Once you get the closest possible to blonde, that might be almost grey for some people, then you can put in colors like pink, purple, blue.

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