Top 10 Ghana Braids Styles for Women 2018

Ghana Braids Styles are a protective style that involves cornrow-like braids going straight from the front to the back of your head. The main purpose is to protect your hair from damage and help it grow out. They are also known as Banana braids, Cherokee braids, and straightbacks.

Though Ghana Braids Styles follow the same concept of braiding as cornrows, one fundamental difference between the two is that Ghana braids require you to add extensions into your braids to make them thicker.

The origin of Ghana Braids Styles can be traced back to 500 BC through African hieroglyphs and sculptures that depict braids done on people’s hair. Though initially Ghana braids were done up in a straightback style that depicted religious or social status, slaves started sporting curvy and zigzag patterns as a form of protest against their masters who wanted them to relax their hair. Thus, they were forced to shave their head off when they were sold.

Ghana Braids Styles
Ghana Braids Styles

If your sense of style sways more towards unconventional and unique, here’s a Ghana braids style that will go with it perfectly. These horizontal Ghana braids follow a curved pattern and are all swept to one side to create a totally badass hair look. And if that wasn’t enough, the blonde coloring makes this style look even cooler.

Let’s start off easy, shall we? A great way to start off your protective hairstyle journey is to go for a basic style that is easy to maintain. These simple straight back Ghana braids keep your whole look light and easy without being too frilly and fancy. And the best part is you can easily pair this hairstyle with any casual or formal outfit.

If you’re someone who likes the flowy, open hair look, then here’s a Ghana braids style that you’ll definitely love. These thin straightback Ghana braids end halfway down her head and transition into long flowy braids that look oh-so-feminine. You could also pull a couple of braids to the front on either side of your face to give yourself the perfect elven look.

Now here’s what I call a futuristic hair look. The beauty of Ghana braids in this style has been accentuated with the help of thin cornrows running perpendicular to them. Finish off the look by twisting the loose ends of the braids and wrapping them up in a super high top knot.

Sport this style and you’ll surely give off some serious Lara Croft vibes. Just go for some alternating thick and thin Ghana braids all around your head and tie them up in a high ponytail. And to kick the cool factor up a notch, accent the braids with some gold beads.

A great way to experiment with your Ghana braids is to play around with quirky patterns. This chevron patterned look is edgy and yet has a feminine vibe to it. Tie up the loose braids at the back in a simple low bun to finish off this stunning hair look.

Keep things subtle and simple with this Ghana braids look which is as understated as it gets. With all the braids done up in a straightback style and accented with a couple of zigzag braids, this Ghana braids look is exactly the hairstyle you need if you have a million places to be in a single day.

And to finish this list off on a high note, here’s a look that’s one for the ages! These silvery lilac Ghana braids have been done up in an awesome spider web pattern to create a truly mind-blowing hair look. Tie up the braids in a top knot to finish off this amazing hair look.

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