33 Metallic Nail Designs Ideas to Copy This Season

33 Metallic Nail Designs Ideas to Copy This Season

It seems that they’re coming out with a new nail trend we simply must jump on every day now, and we’re bringing you a brand new one in the form of metallic nail designs. We’ve had matte nails for a while, especially with the Kardashians and Rihanna rocking them, but we’re going back to bright and shiny.

Metallic Nail Designs Ideas

There are a number of different ways in which you can achieve these metallic nail designs, and some of the methods aren’t as difficult as you first may have thought. One of the messiest ways, although it seems, one of the best ways to get the results you want also, is to use a highly pigmented glitter powder, which is layered.

These metallic nail designs are known by a whole bunch of different names – chrome nails, mirror nails, shiny nails, you name it. They all have one thing in common though – they’re all super shiny. Oh, and we love them all, especially these matte green and metallic marvels!

What about when you don’t want metallic nails all over? How about a metallic ombre tip instead? It certainly tickles our fancy, and we think it might just tickle yours too. You can easily use a triangular makeup sponge to dab on the area you want the more tip to start, adding more as you need to, to build up the look.

If you want to use the highly pigmented powder to achieve your metallic nail designs, you should be aware of how to do it properly. Watch tutorials online until you’re sure of what you’re doing, and if you’re opting for a nail polish, rather than the powder, ensure you invest in a good one. Cheaper ones have a tendency to run streaky, and this will destroy your super-shiny finish.

Marble nails are just as beautiful as the metallic nail designs we’re showing you here, and we love the way that one of this season’s hottest colours – rose gold – has been used with a marble finish to give you a super-sassy, yet very sophisticated and glamorous set of talons.

If you’re working with metallic nail designs in the form of nail wraps, make sure that you apply the wrap in the right way to give you that smooth surface. You should start with a base coat on your nails. Once that’s dried, grab your nail wraps and find the ones that best match your nail sizes and shape. Peel them off, place them on the nail, and then use your nail (lightly), or an orange wood stick to smooth it out. Use a nail file and your scissors to cut, and then file, the edges of the nail wrap away, and you should be left with your metallic finish. Add a top coat and you’re basically good to go.

Did you know that your fingernails only grow about 1/10th of an inch every month? That’s not really a lot, and you’d be forgiven for heading to the nail salon for extensions. We do it enough … But you should take care of your nails if you are having extensions, and to start with, you could try using olive oil on your nails and cuticles in the place of your regular cream.

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