22 Rose Gold Hair Color Designs to Copy in 2018

Sienna Miller recently rocked the rose gold hair trend, and because it’s been seen in Hollywood, we all want a piece of the action. Lauren Conrad opted for a rose gold dip dye, Ellie Goulding went a more pastel / pinky shade of rose gold hair, and even Katy Perry has had a go at it.

It’s time for you to take the leap. If you’re looking for a little more rose gold hair inspiration, you might want to take a peek at some of these …

Rose Gold Hair Color Designs
Rose Gold Hair Color Designs

When you don’t want a balayage, why not opt for rose gold highlights? Highlights work more at the top than at the bottom like you’ll see with a balayage style, but they are more recognisable when you’re growing them out.

Just because Emma Roberts has a bright shade of rose gold hair doesn’t mean that you need to. Sometimes you may need to play around with new shades and tones, especially if you have a particular dark or light complexion. You should be working with your hair colourist to find a shade that matches your skin tone, not one that means you need to slap on a few extra layers of makeup just to make it work.

Rose gold hair is beautiful, so it’s no wonder that every celebrity is jumping on the bandwagon. Incorporating mixes of red, blonde and pink together has never been so much fun. Although you should probably be wary of the ginger-factor when it fades.

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