31 Different Designs Of Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you have Makeup for Brown Eyes, you’re lucky. You’re blessed to be able to get away with so many different colours, shades, and designs of makeup, the world is quite literally your oyster. On the colour spectrum / wheel, there isn’t a “bad” or “good” colour for brown (opposite / complementary), which means you can pretty much do whatever you like.

Whatever your mood, event, style or occasion, there is a brown makeup look for everyone, and we’re taking a closer look at some great designs in these gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes.

Makeup for Brown Eyes
Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, one of the things you should definitely play around with are those beautiful metallic shades. Nudes and metallics especially work well together, and are often work by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. As well as the typical nudes and gold or bronze metallic tones, don’t be afraid to try dusky and rose gold pink toned eyeshadows, and also darker browns and purples too. These are all shades you can rock, so it’d about time you were rocking them!

If you’re going to get creative with your gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes, you should make sure you’re using a good eyeshadow primer. This ensures that your eyeshadow doesn’t move around or crease, and can also ensure your look stays firm for the time you need it to. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful makeup look when you leave the house, only for it to look a bit … lacklustre just a few hours later.

If you’re deciding to play up your eyes, and it’s the first time you’ve decided to be creative with your makeup, keep the rest of your face nude. This is especially the case for your lips. Having big, dark and dramatic eyes combined with big, dark and dramatic lips can make you look a little horror-show-esque, and we’re sure that’s not quite the look you were going for.

A dramatic cut crease is quite renowned for being difficult to get right, but the key to getting things perfectly blended, and with the sharpest of creases, you’re going to need to learn how to blend. You’ll also need a steady hand. You should work on the smokey eye and crease section first, using a concealer to cover the lid and get yourself that sharp line. From then you can add your main eyeshadow shades. It might take a couple of tries, but you know what thy say – practice makes perfect.

You can’t have super glamorous eyes without having the brows to go with them, of course, and it may surprise you to learn that brows are more important than you first may have thought. They help to frame your face. They also help to change up your look. Your brow makeup is usually the first thing you’ll need to change when you switch up your hair colour, and it makes sense to get them right. You could have them professionally shaped, for example, and then keep up the regime with regular tweezing / threading / waxing afterwards. It pays when you want a killer eye look, that’s all we’re saying.

In order to get gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes like this one, you’ll need to start with your primer. Over the top of that, you’ll need a nude / base shadow that is easy to apply and long-lasting. Towards the inner corners of your eye, and also your brow bone, you should apply a white eyeliner. These are the areas you’ll add highlighter to, and as we’ve said before, that white base really helps to make the colours you use pop. After that, you’ll want to add a darker shade in a side-on ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of your eye. That’s what you’ll use as your base to build colour up on, and that’s also a clever trick – build up rather than pack on. If you add too much, you can’t take it away. If you don’t add enough, you can always add more.

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