Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Draw a Snowflake On Nails?

This element that is quite easy to draw is a real must-have for fashionistas and an amazing accessory for everyday nail art, as well as for some festive events. Now the wisely selected and high-quality pattern is considered to be an inimitable decorative element. Unbelievably beautiful snowflake nail design will make you a queen of any festive fete!

Step-by-Step Tutorial
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Wide choice. Snowflakes can consist different swirls and twists. They can be big or small, simple or complex. But the most important thing is that you can and you should complement them with different decorative elements, for instance, sequins, strasses, etc.

Wide color range. Despite the fact, that snowflakes are obviously white or silver and the background is sky blue or dark blue, the modern nail art pushes the boundaries. Now snowflakes and the background can be of any color you like, which is extends the decorative “function” of manicure as a meaningful part of any look.

Snowflakes from sequins. As the nail industry develops, sequins and beads have become an integral part not only of festive, but also of everyday nail designs. Of course, it is not so easy to make a nails with snowflakes only of sequins (but if you are diligent, have rich imagination and great desire, you can do this), but brilliant beads can perfectly complement the traditional drawn pattern.

Use of stencils. Those who don’t have some special skills, patience, time and desire to draw snowflake fingernail designs in classical way can use a stencil. You can buy it in specialized shops or make it yourself by copying the pattern you like. Apply the picture the same way as with any other stencils: the stencil is applied on the nail and covered with polish of any color you want.

To draw attention at the fest, business party or Christmas party, don’t forget of stylish snowflake fingernail designs. it can be performed in different colors in accordance with different techniques. Although the fashion is changing from season to season, some things remain unchangeable and classical.

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