38+ Black And White Nail Art – Spring Trends

38+ Black And White Nail Art – Spring Trends

Each and each year the egoist fashion gurus outline the key trends for the season, flip the colour spectrum the wrong way up once more and are available up with “enchanted forest”, “fuchsia shock”, “Donegal tweed”, “mountain meadow”, “honeysuckle blast”, “virgin snow”, “quiet veranda”, “deadly nightshade”, “unmellow yellow”, “social butterfly” and any musts.

Black And White Nail Art

If you hassle to visualize out this year’s fashion color report, you’d conclude that “an eclectic, ethereal mixture of unostentatious brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutral take center stage as designers draw type daydreams of easier times”. Also, if you’re desperate to learn additional, you’d learn that “remembrances of retro delights, folkloric and floral art, and also the magic worlds of tropical landscapes restore a way of we tend toll-being as we head into hotter months”.

The avant-garde writer, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau defined it perfectly well: “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things”.

Today we are here to remind you of the old-but-solid-gold-combination, the evergreen in the forest of nail art, the manicure’s red carpet hero of all times: the black and white design.

As the topic suggests, there are two sides to every coin. Take a look at the traditional B&W classy patterns below and try to remember how many of these you have tried out (and when). If you’d be eager for some more options, check out the alternative solution we have provided for each of the 4 classics:

Black Cats, White (De)tails

Creepy or adorable, bringer of perfectly bad or extremely good luck, a black cat always goes with dualities.

The black cat nail art should only be practiced by manicure specialists who are not superstitious. A friend told us the mysterious story of her nail guru who has been doing her nails perfectly for several years.

Talking about combinations, check out this design brought to life especially for that articlededicated to the B&W concept. We thought it may be relatively easy and quite good-looking to actually combine similar symbols like stars, moon and sun;the black and white spirals add a touch of individuality. You may try it out with any elements that have a logical connection between each other (animals, geometrical symbols, letters and even phrases, funny faces – or any faces), but don’t forget to always add a tiny unit to differ from the rest.

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