97+ Dark Nails 2018 Trends from Instagram

Dark Nails 2018 Trends from Instagram

Here we can see a nice combination of dark blue and chrome mirror powder on the little finger, which is perfectly done and gave the appearance of a true small mirror on the nail. Nude shades are neutral and it can be easily integrated into any manicure.

‘Every woman is helpless until her nail polish on Dark Nails isn’t dry’, said Burt Reynolds. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their nails and this is normal because the real lady looks cared, and hands and hair are what first catches the eye. Although New Year past and all the glamour that goes with it slowly is at the end, that’s not reason that you stop shining every day. Your nails, and you!

Dark Nails 2018

Matte colors on nails dominate for some time in beauty salons, so that it did not avoid this winter. News are the nail polish which when are dry have matte finish, and if you’re a fan of artificial nails then only after the final layer of gel with buffer file the nail until it gets a matte tone.

We just talk about dark colors when we talk in context of winter manicure. On this photo we see that and pink color can look very seductive and attractive in this cold period.

Zoya nail polishes use ingredients that are found natural nails, sulfur amino acids. That better link color to the nail which leads to the fact that the varnish lasts longer and does not peel off. The color on natural nails can last from 7-10 days.

Long matte almond nails in violet color that is very classy. These nails are very long so if you are on vacation it can be very lovely manicure for you, but if you need to go on job, and work on computer think about shorter nails.

What makes crazy almost all trendsetters these few months is Chrome Mirror Manicure and mirror effect on the nails. It is a highly pigmented powder which we can apply with applicator for eye shadow. We rub the dust on the already dry nail polish until we get a clear mirror on the nail. This Chrome powder is not possible to do the on simple nail polish, but only on the gel nail polish and UV gel using UV / LED lamps.How has the nature of winter is coldness and somewhat gloomy and dark, dark manicure is especially fashionable. Somehow it seems to me that we are so, with dark manicure, more in balance with nature. This does not mean that we should forget about the gold rhinestones and on, for seasons modern manicure in sailor style on nails. These details can really nice be combined in every winter manicure. Oh yes, also will be popular ombre in this winter so if you are fan of its go ahead, you can’t make error. The checkered patterns are somehow related to the winter wardrobe and it didn’t bypass our nails. Geometric shapes, embossed nails, matte color on your nails, glitter – all this can be combined into a wonderful winter manicure. The colors that dominate for years in manicure are red and nude shades. Dark red color, brown, dark blue and green are the colors that can be, in winter months, very seductive. More if you compose with them some of the details that I have already stated in the text, you will be leading lady, and these colors won’t be boring but very feminine.In winter we can’t avoid sweater, which we can combine with popular ”sweater nails”. Embossed nails with motives that reminds us on knitted sweater of our grandmothers. A lot of tutorials on the Internet are related on how to do this manicure in your own house, so with little effort quickly and easily this very popular manicure can adorn your hands. Sweater manicure simplest you can get by applying on the nail a first layer of paint, when it becomes dry put second coat of nail polish. When it dries again, a drop of nail polish put on plstic or glass plate and with tool for drawing or toothpick start drawing sweater motives on your nails. To make them more visible put second coat of nail polish on this motives. Leave to dry second coat also and you’re done. Not at all difficult, and very interesting. How look motives of sweater you’ll see on several images in our gallery below. When a woman feels beautiful, she has more confidence, radiating a special energy, she is seductive and attractive… She is satisfied wit herself, what is most important.

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