22 Latest Blonde Balayage You will Love

Blonde Balayage is an exquisite color tone that suits both blonde and brunettes. In the right combos, the ombre hues beautifully frame the face and compliment any type of complexion. Whether you have short, medium-length or long hair, balayage is a perfect hair color to try out this 2017. Take risk this year and dare to get the most dramatic style. Here are 40 amazing blonde balayage looks to get inspired from.

Blonde Balayage

Over-sized curls are yet another cool trend of the season. On balayage hair, they look absolutely magnificent. Dark creamy blonde with light hues at the tips are ideal on wavy, short hair. What we love about this combo is that curls add movement. You’ll definitely create a long-lasting impression with those well-defined waves!

Asymmetric bobs will never go out of style, especially when the hair is dyed properly. Super light blonde and creamy roots are all you need to refresh your color tone, and give a new allure. Choose a side parting for a extra touch of confidence, and you’ll be good to go.

Dark brown roots are no longer considered a hairstyle mistakes. On the contrary, darker roots are the perfect canvas for balayage highlights. Choose a middle parting to hide a rather bigger face, and let those frontal light layers frame your complexion. Stick with casual waves and wear the hairstyle anywhere you’d like.

Long, blonde princess waves look exceptional on women with porcelain skin. However, the color can easily fade away if you don’t learn to take care of it. To preserve the light blonde hues for weeks, we recommend balayage highlights. This way your locks will have a pretty, fresh appearance all the time.

Silver blonde with light balayage highlights and a fringe will completely change your face’s shape. Women with slightly larger complexions should definitely give it a try.

Honey blonde is a very challenging hair color. But if the dying is performed correctly, the end result will exceed all your expectations. Get a fresh trim at the ends too, and the curls will look a lot more compact and fresh. Also, for an added touch of shininess, use hairspray.

Layered bobs are the best when you have a pretty, square face. If you’re blonde, balayage might be the color that you need to emphasize your features. Go with a side parting and a headband twist on one of the sides. You’ll fall in love with the style.

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