43 Classy and Stylish Multicolored Nail Art Designs

Blue and White Wavy Manicure. This white and blue wavy manicure is all about lines. Add a bunch of multicolored lines over a white base and you are done!Well groomed hands and trendy nail art is no less important than the stylish hairstyle and perfect makeup. Well, this is not what I am saying, this is a proven fact that a woman should be classy and fabulous at the same time. Classy means stylish clothes, alluring hairstyles, elegant makeup and trendy nail art. There are no only one direction or design among the nail fashion trends and hence provides a woman with the flexible choices to make.

From different styles of manicures to multicolored nails, there are different yet classy designs that can match the image, clothes and personality of the girl equally. Talking of this, multicolored nails are the recent trend in nails that have got our minds.So, if you are bored of looking at your nails clad in monotones, you are at the right place. This time we have got you covered with some of the best, vibrant and bright multicolored nail art designs, that can be your next nail thing.Sit back and relax and prepare yourself to be inspired by these simple yet classy multi-colored nail art designs.

Multicolored Nail Art Designs
Multicolored Nail Art Designs

Glittered Strip Multicolored Nail Art Idea.Who knew a bunch of lines would be so attractive? All you need is a nail stripper and your choice of colors. Add glitter of sequence to enhance its looks.

Multicolored Manicure.Apply different colors on your random nails. Add stripes, waves or any kind of pattern with these colors on alternative nails and you would end up having amazing nail art!

Multicolored Geometrical Nail Art Design. Different colored lines over the white base, gold and white studs are all the goals in this nail art design.

Neon Arrow Nail Art Design. Fan of neon? When it comes to bold colors, neon nails always remain over the top.

Multicolored Feather-y Nail Art. Although this nails art is bit complicated, but once it is completed, it is the best thing to have on nails. The punch of multi-colors over the white base gives extraordinary look to this design.

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