31 Different Lavender Hair Ideas for Amazing Look

Lavender Hair Ideas has quickly stepped up the ranks of top style statements this year. While it’s still in vogue, try out these gorgeous lavender hair ideas, ranging from tamed tones to the most vivid lilac, blue, and purple hues. Once you’ve found your lavender hair dye inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask a specialist about the best tips on how to get the outlandishly stunning lavender shade you want. Get inspired below!

Lavender Hair Ideas

Lavender Hair Idea

While it’s not a block color, this subtle lavender balayage mixes the most pleasant hues for an almost natural look. Style your hair in wavy locks for the best display of the color palette you’re after.

Lavender Ombre Mermaid Hair

This is a great lavender hair idea using toned down, almost gray lavender hues. For chromatic balance, the lavender ombre uses pastel hair dyes starting mid-length all the way to the end.

Lavender Lilac Bob Haircut

A bluntly layered bob haircut in a vivid lavender shade is a strong statement. Additionally, this hair color can be tested as a temporary alternative. Nevertheless, we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with it and will want to change it to a permanent choice.

Deep Lavender Dye

Dip hair dye in a bright purplish shade? Yes, please! You’re guaranteed an eccentric look with all the added benefits of wearing the moment’s hair color.

Braided Lavender Hair

Make your hair shine in the spotlight by sporting a braided hairstyle. Above you can see just one of the countless options you have for a braided updo with lavender hair.

Warm Lavenders Shades

This hair color idea fares among our favorite for this fall. It’s sufficiently dark to complement all skin tones, it’s flattering for all ages, and it creates a unique look.

Light Lavender Hair

There are only a few hairstyles that can complement this light-toned hair color as nicely as a playful, messy updo. Not only does it look absolutely fab, but it’s also a comfortable and practical hairstyle.

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