The Latest Different Gel Nails Design for Women

Gel nails are The Latest Different Gel Nails Design for Women. They are even preferred over acrylic nails given the less chances of gel nail to get lifted. The two are fundamentally different too given that polymer and monomer combinations are used for curing acrylic nail while UV light is used for curing gel nails.

Black Gel Glitter Nail Art

Gel Nails Design for Women

This eye catching nail art is a must try as it takes into use black glitter gel nail polish which looks absolutely brilliant. This nail art will make your nails look longer and stylish.

Creative Gel Nail Art Design

This design is the perfect example of 3-D gel nail art as you can emboss your nails with stickers and nail accessories after coating them with flamboyant gel nail art.

Red and White Gel Nail Art

This nail art looks subtle yet elegant, thanks to the UV gel nail art that is used in a bright red and white palette. You can try this nail art when going for a wedding.

Rhinestone Gel Nail Art Idea

This style is very trendy and uses glitter to create an impressive effect. You can stick rhinestones on your nails to make it look gorgeous and perfect for a party.

Toe Gel Nail Art Idea

This nail art looks cute and adorable and very easy to try at home. You can also try acrylic nail designs in this nail art. Use vibrant colours to enhance the overall look.

Decorative Gel Nail Art

This minimalist design relishes the power of simplicity. This style looks beautiful and is one of the best ideas to decorate your nails. You can use multiple hues on each nail.

Glossy Nail Art Design

This wonderful nail art celebrates the charisma of glitz and glamour on your nails. With the use of gloss and top coat you can add bling to your nail that would look amazing.

Swirl Nail Art Design

This pattern is very trendy and all you have to do to get this nail art style is coat your nails with vibrant nail paint and draw swirl patterns in a neat manner. Voilà!

Marie Gel Nail Designs

Mix Match Gel Nail Design

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