30+ Funky and Vibrant Baroque Nail Designs

Baroque nail design is classy and in the recent times, it has gained a lot of popularity by nail art freaks. Baroque design calls for a creative theme drawn in the nails, a break from the funky and Vibrant Baroque Nail Designs. Brocade inspired nails are usually sported in dark backgrounds with prints in gold and silver hues, however, you can play with other colors too. Let’s have a look at some of the most awesome baroque nail designs.

Vibrant Baroque Nail Designs

Floral Baroque Nail Design

This floral baroque nail art on French manicured nails is an absolutely wonderful design. The floral detailing in pastel colors like pink and peach create a beautiful effect with the white contrast on the other fingers.

Red Baroque Nail Art

These red glitter nails with white baroque art is every bit elegant and rich. It should go well with party wear kind of outfits. It is very simple yet sophisticated and can be easily drawn with the help of a stencil or even with a free hand. Red nails always look hot and this one with a slight variation is a winner.

Gold and Black Baroque Nails

This gold and black baroque nail art design is beautiful. The colors gold and black when combined together create a magical effect and brocade design on top of that is even better. Out of all the five nails, only the index and middle finger has baroque print in it whereas the rest are combined with black and gold in a rather creative fashion.

Gel Baroque Nail Art Design

This cute nail art design with baroque print in pastel peach is unique and one of a kind. The color combinations used here are all from the pastel palette, and the baroque design is not extensively done. It is a gel nail art which is kept to minimalist and looks elegant.

Silver Baroque Nail Art

This black and silver baroque nail art is yet another unique design. The combo of black and silver exudes luxury, art and elegance combined. There isn’t much of glitter in here but the silver nail paint used shines on its own, making a very classy style statement.

Acrylic Baroque Nail Design Idea

This is an acrylic nail design with baroque print designed only in the index finger. The rest of the fingers are painted in a pinkish theme with sparkling silver glitter. The baroque print is exclusively designed in a golden color which again makes for a dazzling combo. Pinks and gold always make for a girly but classy combination.

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