Awesome DIY Nail Art Summer vacations Designs

My boyfriend and I have been doing so much planning for our spring break trip to Florida that I even went down to the important details and looked for nail art designs for your beach vacation, if you’re already planning on going. It is never too early to pick the style of nail or what nail color you want for an occasion. Don’t forget about your toenails either. I’ve gathered many tutorials, but you don’t have to DIY. You can just bring designs and maybe special materials to your local nail professionals for DIY Nail Art Summer.

I love going with a theme for my summer vacations. If I’m going to a beach I like to keep the colour simple like teal or blue, but add some cool designs like palm trees or waves. If I ever go on a cruise for a trip, I think I’ll keep it easy and do a nautical, starfish look. If you’re planning on scuba diving or something like that in the beach, maybe try sea turtles or a mini coral reef. Whatever you decide to do will be awesome for your destination. If you need to make any of the nailart easier, just pick one focus item to put on your ring finger or big toe. The rest can be a shades of your favorite or matching color like pink, maybe even black white. If you just aren’t feeling nail art (or can’t do nail art) just throw on some nail glitter or random polka dots. Nails are supposed to fun and easy.

DIY Nail Art Summer vacations Designs

This hot squared oval shape nail art will be awesome with city vacations like New York. It’s so edgy and bad a**. You may look like a tourist, but all the natives will be asking and talking about your nails. It’s not hard to do either! Just put tape down in the triangle shape and do the base and lines.

If you want your theme to be ocean because you’re going to the beach or sea, this is probably the easiest tutorial you can get to look like the ocean. It just uses different shades of blue and teal in horizontal stripes and gold glitter for sand. It’s easy because the lines really don’t have to be perfect for the end design to be awesome. It’s would be such a cute “something blue” for summer beach brides or any wedding guests!

This is such a cute pink and green nautical nail design for girls. The girls, or you, will love the cute little sea turtles and the big one on the ring finger. I the anchor is also a great touch, especially if you’re going for that sailing-cruise-adventure theme.

I was wondering how they made the whale so perfect in this tutorial and read that it was just a nail decal! I always forget they exist but they are so helpful with detailed designs or even if I’m feeling lazy. You can find other decals for the summer vacation you’re going to if you want simple nailart.

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