45 Most Best Chevron Nail Art Ideas for Girls

I love finding chevron nail art ideas because they’re just so classy and can be for summer, spring, fall, winter, any season or holiday like Valentines, Halloween, or Christmas all by changing the colors. You can also use it as a base and have little designs like hearts or flowers to fit the time of year better. If you’re DIY advanced, you can probably even do ombre chevron on every finger rather than just that accent ring finger. No matter your expertise, you can be a beginner straight out a wedding womb (maybe not literally) to do these cute, easy nail designs.

If you prefer going to the salon and getting your long, acrylic nails into a professional stiletto or coffin shape, do it. You can take it home and do these yourself or ask them to do it for you. You can even try to do higher quality nails at home with gel nail polish, or just DIY your own matte colour. There’s so many funky things you can do with nails that it even expands into a single print. You can have chevron french nails, chevron with rhinestones or glitter, or even red, orange and brown autumn chevron for the pumpkin patch. With this list in my post, you’ll find a chevron print for toes and nails for about every occasion, even a trip to Disney for your kids.

Chevron Nail Art Ideas for Girls

The stripes on this chevron nail art were so thin, I had to know what she used. She used a stamping tool or polish that came together I believe. But you can DIY this slightly better with thin strips of tape or a thin nail brush.

If you’re Canadian or going to Canada, these nails might be fun inspiration for a national holiday or a vacation. Although if you’re going there for a trip, you may want to just do something similar to not seem so much like a tourist. You can use the rectangle nails and color for a poker night nail look.

These red nails are so sexy. I love how they used the accent color on most of the fingers except the, of course, ring finger, and middle finger. I thought she had used a sticker but she hand painted that herself! Just use thin brushes or do it on acrylic nails and place them on after.

Tropical leaves are very in for 2018 and I’m sure these next few years. She used nail decals to get the leaves and chron so perfect. On decals, you can even get a base print?! I need to look more into these nifty DIY tools.

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