30+ Trendy Long Nails Art Designs for 2018

These days Long Nails Art Designs are not anything special, and everyone can try wearing them out. Yet, while the world of nail art is constantly changing altogether with the designs the trendy shapes change. Taking into consideration long fingernails history it is easier than easy to grow longer nails out, since having your long nails acrylic is pretty popular these days. There is no long fingernails meaning that we are unaware of, that is why we decided to share our knowledge with you. 30+ Trendy Long Nails Art Designs for 2018.

Long Nails Art Designs

Long Coffin Nails

Super long natural nails are usually of a coffin shape. Despite the name, this is a type of long natural nails Instagram is full of. What is more, all the popular celebrities opt for this shape. The shape itself is pretty similar to the square one, but a little bit edgier. If that is what you seek for, then you should definitely try this shape out.

Elegant Oval Long Nails

Keeping your long nails natural is pretty easy if you choose oval nail shape. Some people may say that oval nails are out of date, but we think quite on the contrary. What is more, this shape is perfect for those who have weak nails, since oval nails are durable and not that easy to break or chip. Keep your long natural nails painted and trendy using these inspiring ideas we have gathered for you.

Glamorous Stilettos

Browsing through long nails images you may come across stiletto shape and take it for an almond one. Yet, the difference lies in their edginess and unsuitability when it comes to natural nails. The thing is that in case you decide to opt for stiletto shape, you should better consider fake nails so that you do not break them the next minute you are done with your mani. One more thing, in case you are searching for a new trendy idea we suggest you take our long nails design pictures into consideration.

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