Myanmar Actress Moe Hay Ko Colored Traditional Dress

Myanmar Movie Stars Photo Gallery! – Myanmar Celebrity News. Myanmar Actress Moe Hay Ko Colored Traditional Dress. Famous actress Moe Hay Ko is fashionable, with good body shape, courtly and also suited traditional costume. She wear sleeveless dress and present her beauty of body later her traditional fashion make her audience impress her beauty. She said about her fashion that she is wearing only traditional dresses and choose the fashion accordingly. She used to like to wear ‘Hta Main’ before and sometimes she wears hot fashions. Now her fans like her more with traditional dress.Myanmar Actress Moe Hay Ko Colored Traditional Dress .

Colored Traditional Dress

Moe Hay Ko admits that she feels exciting whenever she will have to act new character. She said that some artists disappear after gaining Academy Award and she never think that an Academy Award is not the milestone, just what they have done is. Every artist is trying their best and they are making their own milestone by their own way.

Many celebrities are celebrating their wedding ceremony and her fans are also interesting about her relationship. She said she felt about love before and she prefers to work more important stuff for her life. She does not have time for that and there is many things more important than love.

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