Best 20 Pink Hair Dye Ideas to Try in 2018

Hello my fellow fashion lovers! Are you looking for your next stand out hair style? Well today we’re going to be looking at 20 of the hottest looks for Pink Hair Dye Ideas dye. Let’s go!

Pink Hair Dye Ideas

This bad ass chick is rocking a pink hair dye Mohawk! How awesome is that? On the side she also decided to mix it up with a little light blue, and dark blue, as well as finishing it up pink. Totally punk-rock if you ask me. She’ll stand out anywhere especially if she’s going to a show!

Talk about unique! She’s got a mix of light pink hair and lemon lips and eye shadow! I’m impressed that this girl can pull it off, because I would of never have dreamt of trying this myself! Lemon power, and you go girl! Rock it.

She’s rocking her half pink hair dye, half black hair. If I could pull this look off I totally would, and she’s nailed it. Her side bangs are bright pink and they blend in with the black. It’s the perfect punk rock look and she’s absolutely killin’ it.

This chick reminds me of a punk rock version of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She’s rocking her red hair, but also added different shades of pink and purple to stand out. I definitely think Price Eric would of dropped dead if he saw this equally as gorgeous version of Ariel!

This light pink hair dye straight haired look is enough to make anyone swoon! She has such a relaxed look and it’s gorgeous, as well as the light pink eye shadow that totally matches.

I’m in awe of woman who can pull off short hair and look absolutely amazing doing do. She’s got the short hair do, as well as an epic pinkish- red to add into the mix. She’s got the look!

I have a feeling this girl changes her hair quite a bit because of her, “New Hair= New Week” caption, but I don’t blame her for being obsessed with pink! Quite frankly, this rose pink she has going on is totally classy on her, and she looks amazing. Short rose pink hair, don’t care should be her motto!

I’m jealous of these girls who can fish braid their hair, and being jealous of this girl is clearly no exception to the list She has amazing shades of pink going from dark pinks and reds to light pinks and red, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m also digging the ink she has too!

Pink and black really seems to be a trend for this Spring, and honestly I’m okay with that because all of these girls are rocking the looks and can absolutely pull it off. This girl has bright pink and red highlights, and her black hair really evens her color out to make an impact. I also love her bright blue eye shadow and pink lips!

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