Tattoo artist from South Korea on Instagram

Masa the alluring boom artisan from South Korea disobeys to chase the accepted rules of micro tattooing. Micro tattoos tend to accept beneath detail and attenuate linework which absolutely is not the case with Masa’s able work. From his aberrant apprenticed mind, he pulls out the best amazing visions and inks them bottomward to a advantageous customer’s skin. His assignment is consistently followed by accurate designs abounding of airy details. With aggregate mentioned Masa still succeeds in creating minimalistic and attenuate masterpieces that aloof cannot be abandoned by anyone. The woman cutting a annual out of a bow appropriate arm through the man’s affection who’s continuing on the larboard arm is aloof an archetype of accuracy that is to be accepted from Masa. You can chase him on his Instagram folio and have a good timemore of his beauteous arresting work.

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