How to Treat Head Lice With Mayonnasie

As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 6 – 12 actor arch lice infestations action every year amid accouchement of about 3 – 11 years of age. (1) Sharing things or arch to arch acquaintance with an adulterated being are the primary causes of arch lice infestation.

The primary ache acquired by arch lice is appetite to scratch. Constant abrading can advance to accessible sores and infections in the scalp. And the affliction allotment is that arch lice accept become aggressive to over-the-counter solutions and the pesticides present in them accept baneful aftereffect on humans.

If you are looking online for accustomed treatments, afresh you ability accept encountered assorted recommendations like mayonnaise, tea timberline oil or abrading alcohol. But the best accepted and awful recommended ones will be mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise for Alleviative Arch lice…? Surprised…? Though some of the studies accede it to be not so able enough, abounding parents accept accomplished absolute after-effects by appliance it.

Can Mayonnaise Really Assignment in Removing Arch lice?

Mayonnaise mainly contains egg yolk, oil, auto abstract and vinegar. All the capacity are accumulated and aerated to get a buttery consistency. And this bendability acts as a benefaction in warding off the infestation.

For Arch Lice: The bendability of mayonnaise suffocates and restricts the breath of arch lice and nymphs. (2 , 3) Nymphs die out of beneath respiration in no time. However the arch lice become comatose and ability to a accompaniment agnate to coma. And back you comb, they calmly abatement off the hair.

For Nits or Arch lice Eggs: Sadly, mayonnaise cannot annihilate the nits because it cannot access into the adamantine aegis band of the eggs.

So, combing out the nits with a acceptable lice adjust is appropriate already the arch lice are removed. (4) Or else, as the nits bear in a few days, by repeating this action alert in a anniversary for 4 weeks can annihilate the nymphs quickly. As the nymphs are asleep afore they abound into reproduction age, you can eradicate the bane completely.

How to Use Mayonnaise to Annihilate Arch Lice?

There are altered means of appliance mayonnaise. As per our recommendation, it is consistently bigger to use mayonnaise in aggregate with added able capacity that can addition up the analysis level.

We accept mentioned the methods of appliance it abandoned and with added able capacity as well. You can accept any one as per your accessibility or bane akin to amusement the arch lice. (5)

Note: For accouchement beneath 5 years, abstain abrogation the appliance overnight. It is bigger to leave it alone for 5 hours maximum.

1. Mayonnaise

Saturate your beard appropriate from the attic to the ends with mayonnaise.
Tie the beard and awning the arch with a battery cap.
Leave it brief and ablution your beard commonly in the morning.
While it is still wet, adjust the beard thoroughly to abolish the arch lice.
Repeat the action 2 times in a week.
2. Mayonnaise with Attic Oil

The bendability of attic oil suffocates the arch lice and makes it harder for them to roam freely. Attic oil additionally acts as a repellant adjoin arch lice in future.

Combine mayonnaise and few drops of attic oil.
Apply the admixture to the beard appropriate from the attic to the ends.
Cover with a battery cap or pond cap and leave it overnight.
In the morning, appliance a draft dryer dry your hair.
Apply absterge and leave it for 30 minutes.
Comb through the beard to abolish the arch lice.
Wash the beard normally.
Repeat the action 3 times in a week.

3. Mayonnaise with Alkali and Tea Timberline Oil

Tea timberline oil is additionally advised one of the able treatments for arch lice because of its pesticide property. Alkali contains acerb acerbic which kills the arch lice and dissolves the gum of the nits that helps it to attach the beard shaft.

In a bowl, mix mayonnaise, 10 drops anniversary of neem oil and tea timberline oil.
Add a birr of alkali and mix well.
Apply it assimilate the beard from the attic to the ends.
Leave it on for at atomic 2 hours.
Wash the beard thoroughly with shampoo.
While the beard is still wet, adjust the beard to abolish the asleep lice.
Repeat the action 2 times in a week.

How Long Should I leave Mayonnaise on The Hair?

Some bodies may leave the appliance for 2 – 3 hours. Doctors acclaim it to leave the appliance for at atomic 8 hours to get able results. The best you accumulate it the bigger aftereffect you will get. But for kids of age beneath than 5 years, it is recommended to leave the mayonnaise appliance beneath than 5 hours.

Can I Leave the Mayonnaise Overnight?

Yes, you can leave it overnight. But some bodies believe, abrogation it brief can accomplish the arch lice alive afresh as the capability of mayonnaise reduces. As there are adverse statements for this, it is bigger to try it once. If you are accepting any after-effects afterwards abrogation overnight, afresh try afresh by abrogation it alone for 8 hours but not beneath than it.

Which Mayonnaise is Acceptable for alleviative Arch lice?

It is bigger to use abounding fat mayonnaise for removing the arch lice infestation. Abstain appliance low-fat mayonnaise as it doesn’t accommodate the results. The low fat agreeable present in it doesn’t asphyxiate the arch lice and all the adamantine assignment goes in vain.

Recommendations & Warnings While Appliance Mayonnaise

Don’t use artificial blanket or a artificial bag to awning the head. As they are actual baneful and alarming elements they should not be kept on children’s head.
Make abiding to use alone tight-fitting battery cap or a pond cap.
While attached the arch with battery cap accomplish abiding all the beard strands are included afterwards abrogation any fiber out as the adolescent can blot or bite it. Mayonnaise turns rancid afterwards few hours and baneful to consume.
Tips and Precautions for Arch Lice

Avoid arch to arch acquaintance with the being accepting arch lice. Educate your accouchement on the same.
Clean your beard accessories and combs frequently.
If one being is accepting arch lice, every being in the ancestors should chase the analysis already in a while to anticipate the infestation.
Treat all the appliance and bed bedding consistently to abolish any arch lice actual on them.
Never try on hats or scarves afore buying. Already bought, run them through hot baptize to abolish any arch lice bane traces.
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