Ankara African Beaded And Stone-Embellished Gele

This special head wraps inspiration is a collection of beaded, crystal and stone-embellished gele head tie worn with richly coloured Nigerian aso-okes and other African and even western attires.

The African headgear or Nigerian gele is a fashion accessory Nigerian women and African women, in general, cannot do without. African women love this piece of fashion accessory that can be customised and used for almost every kind of outing.

Whether it’s a bride wearing it on the day of her traditional wedding, or guest wearing it to both white and traditional African wedding events, the gele head wrap is a common fashion piece you’ll come across in many styles and colours.

No Nigerian aso ebi outfit is complete without the gele headgear. And this is true for many African women. You can see them wrapping it around their head during church services, at burial ceremonies, conferences, on a casual day out, and much more.

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