6 habits to follow to get smooth skin without blemishes

1.TUMIA SERUM antioxidant.
Not everyone is lucky enough to get the skin soft and smooth without working for. For others it a must to work hard to get That perfect skin you have always wanted.

Ladies So you have to change your beauty routine, you should start your morning in a healthy way. How you begin your day will reflect on your face.

Antioxidants such as Vitamin C & E protects your skin to dehydrate isi and also the aging radicals will be protected from pollutants and UV-ray Dietary not bad bits (eating poorly). Cat antioxidant serum from just after bathing, wait a few minutes then your moisturizer cats.

Eating breakfast which is located high in protein, associate eggs, nuts, yogurt etc. This helps build collagen which is the big thing that helps your skin isizeeke advance. Your skin would not have folds nor cf. tepetea. People who eat protein for breakfast eat a little for the rest of the day, and protein also helps to promote your hair.


SPF is a must. Each Neto should use SPF, even if you’re black. And you are not the only story you feel that your makeup and your moisturizer has SPF, that is not enough. SPF cat face, neck, above the eyes, the lips, back of hands, ie all stains which had started aging.

Water is a very large part of the beauty of each person. Each morning after waking up takes only lukewarm water and drink Make the lemon half. This will help create more collagen..na ku-replenish your skin.

Not necessarily to make the practice of the dead man, No. But it should at least work a little uufanyishe your body. You can even start just to practice 10-15 minutes every day until you kapozoea.

You may choose to do Yoga. In short do anything to make your heart rate to come up the morning, stretch your limbs, ku-sweat a little. But if you are not vulnerable to Practise particularly bad.

Practice will give you strength for the rest of the day, pumps your blood and give a glow to your face.


Yes Loves, green tea is not for clears only make, but also helps your skin. Ina-Slowdown ageing process of your skin and makes it look good still.