Chic Canadian Dressing for the Cottage

On any accustomed Friday, in our abbreviate Canadian summer, you can acquisition bags of snow-weary Canadians branch for cottage country. Sure, there ability be a lot of cartage and no, a two-day weekend is never absolutely continued enough, but there’s article about the crepitate of the dock, the animation advancing off the bright clear basin and the affiance of a worry-free weekend with accompany and ancestors that accomplish the cruise absolutely worthwhile.

Whether you own your own cottage (jealous!) or are advantageous abundant to be arrive to one this summer, I’ve got some tips for blockage accidentally affected while ‘roughing it’ this summer. Who says you can’t be chichi while authoritative s’mores? Get accessible to bung abreast your corrupt flip-flops and ripped-up sweats and blooper into article a little added aces this weekend.

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