Wheat Blonde Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

The faded and perfectly tender wheat blonde hair color doesn’t work with any complexion. This shade works well with light to medium skin tones, blue and grey eyes. It provides with the so-called angelic look and looks very fashionable on long wavy, messy, curly and layered hairstyles. Being one of the most fashionable hair colors in the hair coloring world wheat blonde is already loved by cool celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Amanda Seyfried, Cara Delevingne and many others. Try your own and inspire your friends with your wheat-y mane. Match it with flattering hairstyles, haircuts and makeups to look as natural as possible. Wheat blonde “likes” maximal naturalness. So, shine with all your charm and never avoid subtle, trendy and cute hair color ideas in 2017.

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