Romantic hairstyle for Bridal updo

Wrap the braid in to a bun to give the effect of an extended, braided style that gives additional height to the top of the head. Set the look with hair spray, & you�re the star of your own fairytale.
They love Pineapple Express starlet Amber Heard�s romantic & gently curled blonde up�do. The strong contrast between her messy hair, her flawless makeup, as well as her little sparkly earrings gives it a little bit of subtle glamour.

Les Misérables actress, Amanda Seyfried oozes sex appeal together with her thick milkmaid braid up�do. This is a great take on the classic bun; pull your hair in to a high ponytail at the centre of your head. Next, separate your ponytail in to sections & braid all the way to the tips & secure with clear elastic.

To duplicate Amber�s relaxed up�do, tease hair at the crown of your head before securing it in to a loose bun, & embrace flyaway hairs.

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