How to get rid of belly fat saggy

Nigerians have the tendency to gather fat around their belly region,this is very unhealthy because it clogs the vital organs around the stomach and usually leads to a variety of diseases, especially in females. Unfortunately ladies have no direct control over this tendency of their bodies to gather fat in this region. This could be attributed to the high content of carbohydrates in our meals and also individual body types.
It is advisable to eat healthy and exercise regularly to help control this tendency, but we all know how lazy we get to exercise and how much we love to indulge our cravings, claims also has it that some slimming tea which we have begun to rely on don’t give the desired effect, though I am partial to Fohow chinese herbal tea, it is different from the lot, it works! with several health benefits. superb!

Well as a simpler alternative to all the above mentioned here is a recipe to blast belly fat fast and easy and extremely healthy.

1 ball of lemon
1 ball of orange
1 cucumber
15 – 20 fresh mint leaves
1-2liters of clean water

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