How do the Egg Shells Contribute to Health?

There will be hardly anyone who does not know that eggs are among the top health foods that you can ever hope to have. But, it is rather surprising that many are unaware of the fact that the egg shells are as nutritious as the egg itself, if not more!

But, once you complete reading this article, you will be fully equipped with the key knowledge about the positives of these shells. Here, you will get to know comprehensive details on the health benefits and uses of egg shells. This can be an amazing revelation to you!

Nutrients Seen in Egg Shells

This segment of the article will give you details about the nutrients that are present in the egg shells. This will give you an initial as an idea as to why these shells should never be thrown away!

Calcium: The egg shells are among the most calcium-rich ingredients of the World. In fact, around 90% of the shell is constituted of calcium. Is that not great?
Minerals: You have plenty of minerals in the shells such as phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, silicon, iron and potassium, etc.
Amino acids: There are key amino acids in the egg shells like cysteine, methionine, and lysine, etc, which are crucial to health.
How do the Egg Shells Contribute to Health?

At this point, it is very crucial to elaborate on the precise ways in which the egg shells contribute to your health. This is more so because; this is a topic about which not much has been spoken about.

Egg Shells Alleviate Joint Pains

When you are looking to alleviate joint pains, the remedy based on egg shells will be of great help to you. These shells include many key elements like collagen and chondroitin, which have a soothing effect on the joints. Go for the awesome remedy today!

Things you need:

Eggshell- 1
Apple cider vinegar- 2 glasses
Glass jar- 1
Things you need to do:

Take 1 egg shell and break it into small pieces.
Put the egg shell pieces in a glass jar.
Now take 2 glasses of apple cider vinegar.
Pour the vinegar into the glass jar.
Tightly close the jar.
Wait for around 2 days so that the egg shell pieces can melt in the vinegar.
Then take about 2 tbsp of this solution and gently massage on the affected sites.
Repeat that 2-3 times daily and you will soon experience relief.
The solution in this glass jar will be intact for several months.
Improved Complexion with Egg Shell Face Mask

Is there any real to go for regular cosmetics to improve facial complexion? Your answer to that will be an emphatic “No!” once you start to use the egg shell face mask! The abundant quantity of calcium that you get in the shells will do the job for you!

Want to know more about this face mask? Just read on!

Things you need:

Egg shells- 2
Egg white- 1
Things you need to do:

Take 2 egg shells and 1 egg white.
Combine both these ingredients together.
Mix them well.
Now spread the mixture on the face.
Allow the mixture to dry down fully.
Then wash the face using lukewarm water.
Repeat this regularly to enhance the complexion.
This remedy is also good for the overall health of your skin.
Egg Shell Powder for Good Health

Regular intake of egg shell powder is very good for your general health. These shells, along with calcium, also contain hyaluronic acid and glucosamine, which safeguard your physical well-being. Here, you will read about how to make the powder and consume it.

Make this ingredient an element of your daily life and you yourself will notice the improvement in your health!

Things you need:

Egg shells- 5
Water- 1 bowl
Things you need to do:

Take 5 egg shells and 1 bowl of water.
Put the eggshells in this water.
Boil the water for roughly 5 minutes to kill the bacteria.
Make sure that the shells are completely immersed in water.
Now heat the microwave up to about 200 degrees.
Bake the boiled shells in the oven for around 20 minutes till they become crispy.
Then take out the shells and grind them into a fine powder.
Just add the egg shell powder in smoothies/oats and consume it.
Toothpaste from Egg Shells

Yes! You can indeed make your own toothpaste from the egg shells! And, this excellent toothpaste contributes to your dental health in no uncertain terms, thanks to minerals found in the shells. Continue reading about the way in which you can make it!

Things you need:

Egg shells- 10
Water- 1 bowl
Baking soda- 1 tbsp
Coconut oil- 2 tbsp
Jar- 1
Things you need to do:

Take 10 egg shells.
Put them in 1 bowl of water.
Boil the water fully.
Then take out the shells and dry them for few hours.
Grind them into a fine powder.
Now add 1 tbsp of baking soda and 2 tbsp of coconut oil in the powder.
Mix them thoroughly till you get the required consistency.
Store the preparation in a jar and use it daily just like the regular toothpaste.
Blend of Egg Shell Powder and Lemon

You will now get to know about the blend of egg shell powder and lemon juice, which is of immense help to keep you healthy. Here, the lemon will perfectly complement the shell to make sure that you will be in good health for a very long time.

Things you need:

Egg shells- 2
Lemon- 1
Things you need to do:

Take 2 egg shells and 1 lemon.
Grind the eggshells into a fine powder.
Now extract the juice of the lemon.
Combine both these ingredients in a bowl.
Mix them well and you will notice bubbles.
Allow the mixture to be undisturbed for around 6 hours, at room temperature.
Then take 1 tbsp of the mixture and directly consume it at during mealtime.
Immediately drink plenty of water.
Repeat this with every meal of the day.
Use the egg shells in this way regularly and you can forget about ill-health.
Egg Shells as Blood Cleansers

An elaboration on the health benefits and uses of egg shells will be incomplete if a mention is not made of their role as blood cleansers. Here, the calcium and other minerals in the shells will come to your rescue!

How to use them for this purpose? Well, that is what you are now going to read.

Things you need:

Egg shells- 5
Water- 2 bowls
Things you need to do:

Take 5 egg shells and crush them into small pieces.
Put these pieces in 2 bowls of water.
Now refrigerate this water for 1week.
Then start to drink this water exactly like normal drinking water.
Make sure that you have at least 3 glasses of this mixture every day.
Then you can rest assured that your blood has been purified.
Egg Shells for the Health of Your Thyroid Gland

The numerous beneficial properties of eggshells include their ability to further the health of your thyroid gland, as well.

Things you need:

Egg shells- 10
Lemons- 3
Rakia- ½ bowl
Honey- ½ bowl
Things you need to do:

Take 10 egg shells and break them into tiny pieces.
Now take 3 lemons and squeeze out the juice from them.
Pour the lemon juice on the egg shell pieces.
Store this mixture in your refrigerator for about 7 days.
Then take out the mixture from the fridge.
Strain it and add ½ bowl each of rakia and honey in it.
Leave the preparation undisturbed for 1 week.
Now begin to use it.
Take 1 tsp of the mixture after every meal of the day.
Egg Shells Cure Gastric Ulcers

Egg shells denote as being among the best natural remedies to cure gastric ulcers. Here, you can safely depend on the vital nutrients that are there in these shells and, you will not be disappointed.

Things you need:

Egg shells- 5
Lemon juice- 2 tbsp
Hot milk- 2 cups
Things you need to do:

Take 5 egg shells and crush them into pieces.
Then put 2 tbsp of lemon juice on these shell pieces.
Wait for the shells to become soft.
Now take 2 cups of hot milk add it to the shells.
Mix it properly.
Have 1 tsp of this mixture soon on waking up in the morning and before you consume anything else.
Take 1 tsp of the preparation again at bedtime.
Repeat that daily to get rid of gastric ulcers.
You now possess complete information on the health benefits and uses of egg shells. Start to use them immediately and your health will steadily improve. Your comments on how this article has helped you are welcome.

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