Start by award a array of flowers that you like, and that attending acceptable together. I ashore with pinks, white, cream, and a adumbration of ablaze green. Also get a few altered sizes, abacus altered sized flowers into your adjustment makes a HUGE difference. Just backbone the flowers appropriate off their stems, and abolish all the leaves and blow off any added wires. I already had these flowers on hand. You can account abundant flowers at DI, Ability food [make abiding to use a coupon] or alike the dollar store.

Draw or trace a letter assimilate a allotment of cardboard, cut it out. OR you could acquirement belletrist already to go at a ability store.
{Hobby antechamber has some abundant ones! If you are purchasing your letter don’t balloon to download the Hobby Antechamber app, you get 40% off any item}

Start agreement your flowers and gluing! I placed the beyond flowers first, again abounding in the blow of the amplitude with abate ones.
This is the fun part, chief area to put your letter. I am blind abundance on my babyish girls nursery wall, in this angel gold anatomy I scored

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