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Ethiopian Traditional wear made of cotton

The culture of Ethiopia is diverse and generally structured along ethnolinguistic lines. The country’s Afro-Asiatic-speaking majority adhere to an amalgamation of traditions that were developed independently and through interaction with neighbouring and far away civilizations, including other parts of Northeast Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India and Italy. By contrast, the nation’s Nilotic communities and other ethnolinguistic minorities tend to practice customs more closely linked with South Sudan and/or the African Great Lakes region.
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Zulu women Traditional wear different 2017

The modern Zulu population is fairly evenly distributed in both urban and rural areas. Although KwaZulu-Natal is still their heartland, large numbers have been attracted to the relative economic prosperity of Gauteng province. Indeed, Zulu is the most widely spoken home language in the province, followed by Sotho. Zulu is also widely spoken in rural and small-town Mpumalanga province.
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South African Sun Goddess Traditional Clothing

Sun Goddess was founded in 2000 and the idea was to harvest stories and images of South African Traditions through fashion. Our heritage stories celebrate a regal Africa that transcends time and fashion, with fashion as means of self articulation. The designs are quintessentially South African as highlighted in the rare and exquisite signature handiwork, fabrics and unique palettes, thereby defining African luxury. We are also inspired by the possibility of taking what has made us dream in the past and renewing it while still maintaining its fundamentals. We look at heritage & history and put it in our own context and that continues to fuel the evolution of the Sun Goddess luxury lifestyle.
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African Traditional women’s Dresses style

When we dress, we are trying to present an image that is pleasing to the eye. We want to receive those compliments that tell us that we look great, because then, and only then, will we believe that we do look great. This allows us to feel good about ourselves. Hence, the hunt for the perfect outfit begins and continues forever.Perhaps one of the most important reasons for having difficulty while selecting an outfit from our wardrobe would be the simple fact that the wardrobe is deficient in outfits that complement our body shape. How many times have you played the try on as many outfits as possible in 30 minutes? Game while looking for the perfect outfit to wear, only to be left with the same decision and a mountain of clothes to put away? The actual problem is not that you have nothing to wear; it is that you have nothing in the closet that flatters your stature.
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Traditional ShweShwe african fashion styles kente

Traditional  Ankara acceptable accouterments dresses African Traditional  acceptable accouterments dresses Shweshwe dresses African acceptable clothes 2017 Traditional  ShweShwe dresses African Acceptable Clothes .
wanna Latest African Fashion? will only be in your hands and give you about 50 images of the most beautiful African costumes from the fashion houses of the most popular on the African continent.
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